Name Tag Definitions: Part 5

These definitions will provide the difference between stock items and custom items. And what you need to know about ordering each kind.

Most of our name tags come with two options. Custom and Stock. Sometimes, trying to figure out what you need can be a struggle.

definitions of name tags name badges and other personal identificationStock Products

First things first, let’s cover what “stock” means. “Stock” refers to an item that is already made or has distinct parts that do not require any added printing or engraving. These items will ship immediately for your use. Stock items are available as Mighty Badges, Speedy Badges and any other reusable products. These “stock” items are ideal for high-turnover companies such as retail stores or call centers. They are also perfect for volunteers. Use each of these products over and over as they have interchangeable pieces.

Pre-Defined Productsdefinitions of name tags name badges and other personal identification

This term may be a bit confusing to some our customers. These “pre-defined” items consist of name tags or name plates that follow a specific, already established design. We call them “Classic Name Tags” and “Classic Name Plates.” And, they are custom in nature. Customize them by selecting the size, the number of lines, a material color and a fastener or holder. We offer several professional name tag and name plate templates to personalize for your needs. These templates do not allow the addition of a logo.

Custom Productsdefinitions of name tags name badges and other personal identification

“Custom” items are made specifically for one customer as per their order. Order all of our name tags and name plates as custom products. This means that you can design your product, whether it be a name tag or name plate, to meet your needs. Design them with names, titles and logos or sometimes full color graphics.

Here at Name Tag, Inc., we pride ourselves on having exact products for which our customers are looking. And, as part of this definitions series, we want to make sure that you understand what you’re getting. Having stock items means that you, as our loyal customers, get what you need and quickly. And by ordering those custom items, it means that you get exactly what you need, no matter what. If we don’t seem to have what you’re looking for, please give us a call, and we’ll find something that works!

3 Ways We Went Green

Here’s something you might not know about Name Tag, Inc.:

We offer green products!

reusable name tags and badges help us to keep our many personal identification products greenWe live in a world that seems to be focusing a lot on reusable or “green” products for consumers. Here at Coller Industries, we support this movement to keep our world going around for the benefit of all. And as part of that, we offer several reusable products.

From name tags to name plates, you’d be surprised at the products that can be reused! Here’s a short list, but we’re sure you can find more!

Speedy Badges

reusable name tags and badges help us to keep our many personal identification products greenThese reusable name badges are custom name tags that are a great solution for companies with positions that experience high turnover rates. They are inexpensive and easy to use. Each plastic badge is simple to assemble and comes with a colored frame and a clear plastic lens. Each frame features a gentle forward curve that accents the style and classiness of this badge choice.

What makes this a green choice is the printable paper insert. Just print with your name and even a logo. These can be used over and over again by removing any used insert from the badge and adding a new printed or written paper insert.

Mighty Badges

reusable name tags and badges help us to keep our many personal identification products greenWith three easy to use parts, these name badges are perfect for any business. The metal back plate can feature your logo for easy brand recognition. Add names by printing on the clear, plastic inserts. Then add the clear, plastic lens by snapping it into place over the top of everything to hold it together.

These badges are green the same way a Speedy Badge is. Need a new name badge? Just replace the printable insert at any time.

Logo Only

reusable name tags and badges help us to keep our many personal identification products greenName badges are ideal for high-turnover positions and volunteers. Adding a logo to a name badge will help to associate your employees with the brand image you have worked to build for your company. Add a logo to either a plastic or a metal name badge to make your badges stand out.

This green choice makes your name badges last exceptionally long! Add names and titles to these name badges with either a permanent marker or a label. Just peel off the label or remove the writing with an alcohol pad and reuse again and again.

So, pretty much anything that is labeled reusable is considered a green product. Come on over and find your perfect green product today!

Thanksgiving, name tags and the best customers!

Thanksgiving is so close that we can smell the turkey in the oven!

Families will soon gather in dining rooms across this great nation. And thankfulness is found everywhere. Celebrating Thanksgiving allows us to focus on our blessings, giving thanks for what we have, and for the freedoms which we all enjoy.

happy thanksgiving from coller industries and name tag inc and thank you to all of our customersWe here at Coller Industries Incorporated just wanted to take the time to say Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks to all of our customers, new and old, that have supported our business over the past year. Thank you for stopping by, leaving a comment, and shopping our large name tag selection. We are blessed to be part of your personalized identification needs.

To help celebrate the Thanksgiving occasion, here’s our list of things for which what we are thankful.

Great impressions at conferences and meetings are a must! And with event name tags, networking is easy and affordable.

Style and ease are a must with reusable name badges and speedy badges accomplish just that!

Contemporary name plates are easy to use and are the perfect solution for providing employee identification for desks, cubicles and offices!

Finding people who adore personal identification as much as we do!

There are also a few customers that we need to thank:

We appreciate all of our customers who ask all the right questions. Thank you for your continued encouragement and suggestions.

All of our new customers which we gained this year! Thank you for placing your trust in us and our products.

We love all of our repeat customers. Loyalty sits well with us!

And most of all YOU!

We appreciate your friendship, business and the confidence you have placed in us. So, on behalf of all of us at Coller Industries Incorporated, our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the day, your meal, and especially the company of your family and friends, and let us know what you’re grateful for! And in case, you didn’t know:


Name Tags: Pros and Cons

All personalized identification comes with pros and cons.

Seeing them listed can help you to see why you should be wearing a name tag every day!

PROS and CONS: Case #1

Con, From: A Case Against Name Tags
They’re not very chic. They encourage tacky behavior. And there are better ways to introduce and connect people.

Pro, From: Do the Name Tags at Your Event Suck?
Tools like business cards and name tags are the hardest working elements of high-performance collaboration in meetings, events, and social occasions, and we barely give them a thought when we design them.

Pro, From: Name Tag, Inc.
pros and cons for name tags using logos versus just namesName tags and name badges provide necessary corporate and company branding. This branding is important for all marketing needs. It distinguishes you from your competition and helps others to more readily recognize your quality. By using logos on name tags, you can create a focus to help drive your business.

PROS and CONS: Case #2

Con, From: A Case Against Name Tags
If you want get people interacting (at large events), I think you should take a more interesting, active approach. Traditional name tags aren’t just tacky. They’re lazy.

Pro, From: Name Tag, Inc.
pros and cons for name tags using logos versus just namesWhile adhesive name badges can be considered tacky, there are less traditional ways of handling large groups. Choose from a variety of other reusable name badge options. Speedy Badges and Mighty Badges are both great for using in large meetings or conventions. Each insert can be printed so names are all the same size. And they can even be printed with colors and logos to make them stand out.

PROS and CONS: Case #3

Con, From: Ditch Those Employee Nametags Now, These Customer Service Experts Say
And then there’s the elephant in the room, so obvious I wasn’t sure I’d even mention it. Employees hate name badges. And the more creative and quirky the employee, the more likely they are to hate them. As the newest generation of employees are millennials, a very, very creative and quirky generation, and it’s best not to start an adversarial relationship with your employee at the word “go,” this is another factor to consider.

Pro, From: Name Tag, Inc.
pros and cons for name tags using logos versus just namesWith a “creative and quirky” generation coming into the work force, name tags can be fun! Make them bright and interactive. Who says a name tag has to be boring? Add logos and graphics. Choose from an abundance of colors. There are metal name tags and plastic name badges. Whatever your choice, personalize it to meet your employee needs.

Overall, name tags are something that should stand out.

Make them memorable with your company branding, customization and personalization!

Donation: Ronald McDonald House Charities

It’s donation time again! And we love bragging about our wonderful customers!

We care about all of our customers. And part of that caring means that we give back to our local community and to all of our customers. With being the go-to specialist for all personal identification needs, Coller Industries likes donating name tags and other custom items to those in need.

customer donation from coller industries to ronald mcdonald house charities of san diego

This time, The Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego needed our help. They are a wonderful organization and they work with a lot of volunteers. And constantly needing to identify these people can get expensive. Coller Industries has worked with this charity to provide name badges for the volunteers.

Reusable badges are a versatile way to get a large quantity of name badges for a great, low price.

Speedy badges

Speedy Badges are easy to assemble and come with a colored frame, and a clear plastic lens. The frames are available in three colors: black, gold or silver. Simply remove any used inserts from the badge and print, or write, a new insert. Use these reusable name badges over and over again. Speedy Badges are a great and inexpensive solution for a reusable name tag. And they are a must for companies with high-turnover positions and volunteers.

“This donation assists us with our daily operations by helping to identify our volunteer staff,” said Vincent Speitel, Volunteer Coordinator, of Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego.

“The Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego provides a ‘home away from home’ for families with children being treated for serious, often life-threatening conditions at local hospitals,” Speitel added.

The Ronald McDonald House relies on community support. It is the only service of its kind that is open to families caring for children at any San Diego area hospital. Thanks to an active volunteer program and generous community support, each year approximately:
• 1,400 families reside with us during their child’s hospitalization.
• 11,000 additional people use our Family Care Center, coming for meals, computer access, and other essential resources.
• 130,000 meals are served free of charge to family members with hospital identification.
• 200 siblings of hospitalized children take part in education and enrichment programs, including the School Away from School and Learn & Play Center.

We are grateful for organizations such as The Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego. All of our donations are something that help us stand out from our competition. And the best part is working with wonderful people!