Mighty Badges – White Metal Plates

reusable mighty badges--name tag

Just added: white metal plates to the Mighty Badge reusable name tag product line.You can now select up to three different colors for the Mighty Badge product: white, silver or gold.

The new white color plate also helps to mitigate the inability to reproduce the color white on the dye-sublimation process for a printed logo. While we still can’t print the white on your logo, with a white metal plate, any portion of your logo that contains white will not be printed and will appear in the color of the white back plate.

The white metal back plate is available on all ten Mighty Badge sizes. For additional information, please visit the Mighty Badge product page for a complete listing of prices, product specifications and additional information.

reusable mighty badges-name tag

Name Tags: We’ve reclassified them!

One of the great things about a web site is the ability to make changes easily and quickly based on the feedback and suggestions from you, our customers.

Recently, we’ve received many comments about simplifying our name tag classification, as we offer a large variety of name tag products which can be a little confusing to sort through. Well, you’ve asked and we’ve listened – we are excited to introduce the new reclassification of our name tag products into three separate lines: Classic, Reusable, and Vinyl name badges.

hot stamp plastic-metal-plastic
Classic Name Tags


reusable mighty badges-dye sublimated logo-name tag-window badge
Reusable Name Tags







Vinyl Badge Holders -conference badges
Vinyl Badge Holders

Instead of the old format of segmenting the name tag products by material type and then by whether a logo was needed, we’ve combined both the processes into one page — our new Classic Name Tags page. On this single page, you’ll be able to view all of our traditional name tag products – from metal to plastic, custom to predefined, and logo or no logo.
Classic Name Tags

In addition to the changes made to the traditional, classic name tags, we’ve also rearranged the classification for our reusable name tag product lines as well.

Reusable Name Badges

The reusable name badges now consist of the popular Mighty Badges®, Window Badges, and our standard blank plastic name badges.

Vinyl Name Badges

Separated from the standard reusable badges, are the vinyl name badges.All 6 styles of vinyl badges are now on a single page, hopefully simplifying the process and thereby allowing you to more easily compare the features, benefits and prices of each style.


Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any other suggestions or changes you’d like to see.