Corporate Gifts Worth a Wow

It’s easy to give perfect corporate gifts that everyone will enjoy.

corporate gifts help to sustain relationships and deepen the personal connection between businesses and clientsShowing appreciation with corporate gifts for your customers, clients and employees doesn’t have to be complicated. And, most importantly, it doesn’t have to be a gift that is mundane. We all have several promotional mugs, t-shirts and other items that we receive as thank you gifts. So, what makes you stand out from your competitors?

Deciding on a product to give can be a difficult choice. And at this time of year, it’s important to start thinking about those corporate gifts. Not only is gift giving one of the best ways to improve office morale and grow and maintain your business, but it has become expected as a way to acknowledge a working relationship.

Corporate gifting is an opportunity to connect with your clients, strengthen employee ties, and share your holiday cheer. Recruiting, retention and business development are three other great reasons to give a gift. But don’t just give a gift because you think someone expects it. Give because you want to maintain these relationships.

What are you giving this year?

While fruit baskets and other homemade treats are enjoyable, why not make it something unique to the receiver? Go with something personalized this year. From custom shaped name tags to executive desk wedges, find and create something that will truly make your employees and clients feel like you care.

Does your vice president have a favorite quote? Make them a unique acrylic desk block that they are sure to display proudly. What about your customer service department? Do they need new name tags? Choose from our large selection of custom shapes and material colors so that they know you notice them. Whatever the department or work environment, personalized gifts are sure to make the difference.

name plates and personal identification are great ideas for corporate giftsWhether it’s a new name tag for you, a desk wedge for your associates or other personal identification products for your clients, custom-made gifts are always appreciated. And, we’re sure to have the right gifts for your needs!

P.S. We suggest this every year, not because we make them, but because they do make a great gift even better. So, recognize each employee for a job well done this year with a specially wrapped gift and some branded, personalized ribbon!

Name Tag Definitions: Part 5

These definitions will provide the difference between stock items and custom items. And what you need to know about ordering each kind.

Most of our name tags come with two options. Custom and Stock. Sometimes, trying to figure out what you need can be a struggle.

definitions of name tags name badges and other personal identificationStock Products

First things first, let’s cover what “stock” means. “Stock” refers to an item that is already made or has distinct parts that do not require any added printing or engraving. These items will ship immediately for your use. Stock items are available as Mighty Badges, Speedy Badges and any other reusable products. These “stock” items are ideal for high-turnover companies such as retail stores or call centers. They are also perfect for volunteers. Use each of these products over and over as they have interchangeable pieces.

Pre-Defined Productsdefinitions of name tags name badges and other personal identification

This term may be a bit confusing to some our customers. These “pre-defined” items consist of name tags or name plates that follow a specific, already established design. We call them “Classic Name Tags” and “Classic Name Plates.” And, they are custom in nature. Customize them by selecting the size, the number of lines, a material color and a fastener or holder. We offer several professional name tag and name plate templates to personalize for your needs. These templates do not allow the addition of a logo.

Custom Productsdefinitions of name tags name badges and other personal identification

“Custom” items are made specifically for one customer as per their order. Order all of our name tags and name plates as custom products. This means that you can design your product, whether it be a name tag or name plate, to meet your needs. Design them with names, titles and logos or sometimes full color graphics.

Here at Name Tag, Inc., we pride ourselves on having exact products for which our customers are looking. And, as part of this definitions series, we want to make sure that you understand what you’re getting. Having stock items means that you, as our loyal customers, get what you need and quickly. And by ordering those custom items, it means that you get exactly what you need, no matter what. If we don’t seem to have what you’re looking for, please give us a call, and we’ll find something that works!

Name tags are in the news!

Well, we’ve done it again! Name tags have made the news!

It isn’t very often that personal identification items hit the news. So, when it happens, we here at Coller Industries tend to get excited! Not only is it a chance to share what others are doing with name tags and name badges, but it also helps others to know how important they are.

“Each year, Kami Allers, a Ferry Elementary School third-grade teacher, talks to her students about collecting items for patients who will spend the holidays in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and pediatric units at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital for what she calls the Compassion Project.”

This story about Allers, featured in the Grand Haven Tribune, proves that not all personal identification products have to be made of gold. But those involved in this project sure have hearts made of gold!

Usually, when someone thinks about name tags, they think of a small metal or plastic plate that is worn by someone who needs to be identified quickly in a formal setting. This setting varies from retail stores to office buildings to hospitals.

Name Tags are in the news!Choose from our full line of custom or stock name tags.

Name Tag, Inc. has many options to cover most any need for personal identification. We also have reusable name badges and badge holders. Whether you need a logo or simply a name and title, we have all sorts of options to choose from!

“The Ferry Elementary School classrooms are collecting beads, coloring books, crayons, games, books and scrapbooking materials (they make name tags for NICU isolette beds). Students will also make cards to give to children who are in the hospital during Christmas.”

What a great idea for these families, especially during this holiday season. So, let’s all remember that sometimes it isn’t what the name tag is made of but who it comes from. It is the season for giving!

Halloween Decorations

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping
With Halloween just around the corner, many people are scrambling for ideas for their costumes and decorations. Some costumes, such as those that mimic uniforms work well with a name tag as an accessory. The inclusion of a name tag can be a cost effective method of turning some plain clothing into a costume.

We’ve seen quite a few Halloween name tags come through over the years. Here are a few examples we put together. Something like a “Beware of Monsters” sign could be used year after year for your decorations.

The sky is the limit for the tags and signs you could create. Let us help you make a more memorable Halloween this year.

Get yours today!

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

What Makes a Good Name Tag Logo

ribbons-badge holders-engraved signs

Many customers struggle with their company’s branding when it comes to making their name tags. Frequently, a logo that was designed for use on the internet or printed media doesn’t come off as well when you try to fit it into your name tag. Assuming you’ve already decided that you do want your company logo to appear on your name tags, here are a few things to consider:

What process will you be using to create the tags? A Full Color Printed tag can hold more colors and detail than a Hot Stamped tag. Laser Engraving will limit you even further.
Keep the size of the tag in mind. In most cases, the logo will be much smaller than you are used to seeing it, and small details won’t be as visible any more.
Remember that you may have to be flexible on the colors associated with your logo. If you know you want a yellow name tag, and your logo is also yellow, you may need to change it to black so it shows up. If you are Hot Stamping, the colors that can be used are very limited, and you may have to compromise with a basic shade of your colors.
Keep in mind that the main purpose of a name tag is to convey the name of the person wearing it. Don’t make the names harder to read in favor of a bigger, fancier logo.

There are additional ways you can help your logo look its best on name tags:

For logos that incorporate an image as well as text, consider just using one or the other. When the logo is placed to fill the area allowable on the tag, the less there is in the logo, the larger it can be!
Try to limit the amount of detail in your logo. Not only will it not be visible at a smaller size, but many processes will have a hard time duplicating it. You only need enough detail to make the logo recognizable.
Even if your logo is mostly used for the internet or printed media, you should plan ahead and have a 1-color version created. Laser Engraving and 1-color Hot Stamping will need an image that is black and white only, with no shades of gray. Most logos can be converted into a1-color image, but some will require a lot of extra effort in order to maintain the visibility of all of the logo elements.
Logos that are short and wide, such as the company name spelled out infancy lettering, generally look best at the top or bottom center of the tag. Logos that are square or taller than they are wide will occasionally look good on the left or right side of the tag.
Consider a custom shaped tag! Your name tag could be cut into a shape the follows your logo, with an extra area created to hold the names and titles. This is only available for Laser Engraved or Hot Stamped logos,but can REALLY make a name tag stand out!

Get yours today!

name tag-full color-laser engraved-hot stamped