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Each month, we receive multiple donation requests from non-profit organizations. Starting this year, our goal is to donate to 2 organizations per month. Since we have a limited budget and can’t help every organization, we try to select those which need our products/services most and are committed enough to the process of following through with our donation requirements.

Ultimately, our goal is to help out organizations in need of our products who may not otherwise be able to afford them. In addition to products, we also leverage our on-line presence to help create awareness and discussion about your organization or event.

If you’d like to request for a donation, please email Please be sure to include the following:

General information about your organization, mission, history, etc.
Item(s) for which you are requesting the donation.
An estimated quantity of the requested items.
Please note: due to the high number of donation requests, we will not be able to make a donation to every request; regardless, you will receive a personalized response to your donation request.

Email us @!

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