How Name Tags Make A Difference

how to make a difference by wearing a name tag and networking“A name tag can show more than a name. It can be an opportunity to market your business and its purpose.”

While we have no affiliation with Ms. Mansfield, we agree with her perspective on name tags!

Here are some excerpts from her recent article “Your Name Here.”

(It) was a fantastic conference. Everyone who attended, presented and exhibited had to wear a name tag. It was large with heavy-duty plastic and a stable, double-attachment lanyard. It was the crème de la crème of name tags.

Every person had a name tag. It displayed their first name only and the tagline, “Here to Serve” under the name. From a marketing perspective, Botlierskop won the name tag game, hands down.

A name tag is a marketing and communication tool that provides critical information. The information is — or should be — dependent on the purpose of the event and the name tag viewer… We also interacted with other staff, all of whom were wearing name tags with their first name only and “Here to Serve.”

That was everything we needed to know. First name only, since we did not need to know their last names, and “Here to Serve” should tell you everything you need to know about Botlierskop’s commitment to customer service. Everything you needed and anything you could think of — all you had to do was ask.

Our name tags consisted of a peel-and-stick tag with our ISPO country and flag. Not having a name was disappointing, especially because we were there to meet and network with fellow representatives.

Mansfield suggests, and we concur, that when wearing a name tag, it’s all about content.

As such, here are a few pointers to make a difference in your name tag. And to help it stand out from the rest and be the “crème de la crème of name tags.”

  1. Remember the primary purpose of a name tag is to show someone’s name! The real difference this makes is to identify the wearer.
  2. Include only necessary items such as a small company logo or a short title. This information makes someone easier to identify quickly.
  3. Make your tags say something memorable. Ms. Mansfield gave the example of “Here to Serve” for this important aspect.
  4. Remember that your name tags are your branding. Whether it is a personal name tag or one for business, it will stand out in someone’s mind, so make sure you are representing what you want to.
  5. Name badges are meant to be a networking tool. Make sure you create a name tag that keeps the person wearing it approachable.

While these tips are not a complete list, they are a starting point to make a difference and are sure to get you on your way to having the “crème de la crème of name tags!”

Name Tags That Are Completely Custom

Custom may not always be the first word thought of when thinking of name tags.

stock plastic no logo name tag or order custom productsWhen most people consider a name tag, or other personal identification, it is probably something boring with just a name and title. However, we are here to make sure that people understand that all name tags can be made to meet the wearer’s personality. We will meet any and all expectations for fully custom personal identification products.

An excerpt from a Coller Industries employee:

At our company we take great pride in being able to assist a wide variety of customers. The way that this is achieved is by letting our customers run the show. Here at Coller Industries, all of our products can be customized to fit your needs.

full color custom name tagOf course, like with most things, there is a small catch. There are some limits to what our machines and materials can do. However, we have the friendliest staff around and any one of our customer service agents would be delighted to help you make the product of your dreams for your company or event. If you give us a call we can help direct you to the product that best suites your needs.

Have you been thinking recently that you could use a certain something to spice up an event or meeting? Why not some ribbons or lanyards? We have the capabilities to print logos, phrases, graphics and we can even color match if you provide a Pantone color. We can do traditional imprinted ribbons and lanyards with logos as well. The sky is the limit.

custom acrylic name plateEven our staff takes full advantage of our ability to make custom products for friends and loved ones. We have had beautiful acrylic desk wedges made for significant others as gifts. Other employees regularly have name tags made around Christmas time as tags for gift giving. There are no ends to the possibilities.

Here at Coller Industries we are very good at matching our customer’s specifications. If you know what you want, or even if you don’t, we are here to help! Often as customer service representatives, we find that our clients simply don’t realize how incredible and customized all of our products are. If you have a basic idea in your head that is a great place to start. Our designers can mock up different options to give choices and our friendly customer service staff can provide pricing for all such options.

Give us a call today so we can make your custom visions a reality!

Name Tag: The Inside Story

At some point in everyone’s life, they end up wearing a name tag.

Most of the time people wear a name tag for employment or during a convention or conference. However, most people never take into consideration what is put into making personal identification.

An excerpt from a Coller Industries employee:

name tag inc personal identification satisfaction guaranteedGoing on six years at Coller Industries, I have learned so much. The very first thing that was probably learned is how much goes into making personal identification products. From the starting point in customer service, right down to the last step of shipping the product out to the customers, I never realized the attention and detail that has to go into making a quality name tag. So much dedication and work has to go into each product. While many things and processes have changed over the years, the end result has always been the same: quality products at a fair price.

Starting with the training in customer service, it takes months to learn all of the things that a representative needs to know. With all the different products that Coller Industries manufactures and sells, there is not easy path to learn what is needed. Even though it has been six years, I still don’t know everything and have to ask questions frequently. The customer service team all leans on each other to get answers; if someone doesn’t know, someone else probably will.

logo name tag personal identification
badge ribbons name badges name tag personal identification

Then there is design. All of the artwork, name lists and other specs have to go through the design team. They have to place the logo and the names on the tags precisely, so that nothing will go wrong during production. They have to have any answers customer service may need, when they want to know if something is or is not possible.

After design comes production, oh yeah! This is where it all comes together. No matter what process is used for a name tag or ribbon, the production team is always working hard to get all orders out in a timely manner. It is high pressure work, but they pull through every time. They strive to make the best quality name tag available.

After they come out of production, our shipping department works just as hard to get the products shipped out on time. They check for flaws and make sure that all name tags match the provided name list, assemble the product with the appropriate fasteners, package them and finally invoice them. They then go through a quality check one final time and then the package is sealed and shipped out.

We have a great team company wide, and together, we all make that happen. I am proud to be a part of it. Bigger and better things await this company. No matter what department anyone is working in, we all strive to do the best job we know how to do. The thing that will always remain the same is the never ending aim to improve on the things that we are doing, no matter what those things might be.

Hey Day, Name Tags and Becoming Friends

Hey Day celebration has become a tradition at Auburn University

While to most people across America Hey Day represents a gathering of cultural exploration and historical treasury, Auburn University in Alabama has a different idea of what the celebration means. Hey Day at Auburn University is one of their oldest traditions and dates back to World War II. Originally, Hey Day began as a welcome back to students who had fought in the war. Today, however, the day is meant to showcase Auburn University’s friendly atmosphere.

hey day name tags name badges reusable badgesAnd what Hey Day wouldn’t be complete without the presence of name tags! Layton Dyess, assistant director for Hey Day at Auburn University stated, “Even though (it is) centrally located at the Greenspace, you can’t escape campus without getting a name tag.”

In an excerpt from The Auburn Plainsman, the campus newspaper, Kris Martins writes, “Though the entertainment for each Hey Day stays similar, every year the theme is different, according to Jacob Coley, assistant director for Hey Day and sophomore in biomedical sciences. This year’s theme is ‘Saying Hey Beyond Today.’

‘It’s all kind of about depth and making a friend on Hey Day,’ Coley said. ‘We want people to come into Hey Day and meet somebody new and have some deep conversations and allow that to carry over beyond Oct. 7. That’s the goal this year.’”

Jacob Tofani, director of Hey Day, hoped the event would encourage new relationships. “We have conversation cards on all the tables,” Tofani said. “Hopefully that will get students talking around to each other. We’d really like people to make new friends and actually have meaningful relationships past Hey Day.”hey day name tags name badges reusable badges

Adhesive name badges and reusable name tags are great tools for meeting, and remembering, new people. Not only are they easy to use, but they can be used over again or recycled. They are an inexpensive way to provide personal identification to those in a group or other surrounding that are new to each other and need to get to know one another, and possibly become life-long friends.

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