Badge Holders

Why Badge Holders?

Badge Holders are a great, cost-effective way to build community in any program or organization; particularly those with many and/or rotating members or volunteers.

Free online word processing templates make it easy to set up and print your own customized design for displaying your names & information for a highly personalized, highly visible badge.

Many attachment (magnetic fastners, lanyards, clips, etc.) options give you the flexibility to wear Badge Holders appropriately for any event.

Typically used for ID badge holders or simple identification badges in larger events.

2.25×3.5″, 3×4″

Often used for displaying or holding event agendas and/or ID badges.

3.75×2.375″, 4×3″, 3.5 x 2.25″, 4×2.75″, 6.25×4.25″


Your choice of fasteners can be attached to your badge holders to keep them secured.Options include magnetic, pin, pin/clip combo, double clutch, lanyards and more.

Plain white and colored perforated insert sheets and printing templates available for horizontal badge holders.

Additional Resources
Badge holders are most commonly paired with lanyards and imprinted ribbons to display more information, easily.Check out our product pages for Lanyards and Ribbons to get the low-down on each of these complimentary products.

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